One Piece Card Game Release Schedule

We’ll keep this page up to date with all the upcoming releases for the One Piece Trading Card Game. We will cover main sets, starter decks, and most product releases though probably not promo packs or cards.

For all sets, starter decks, and promo sets check out the One Piece Card Game Sets page. For all cards released so far, look at the Cards page.

Upcoming Releases 2023

June 30th

  • OP-03 Pillars Of Strength main set – Booster boxes, boosters, and sleeved boosters
  • ST-07 Starter Deck – Big Mom Pirates
  • Official Storage Boxes – Black or colored Don!! decorations

July 28th – Rough estimate

  • Premium Card Collection 25th Edition
  • Playmat And Card Case Set 25th Edition
  • Official Playmat – Captain Luffy

August 11th – Rough estimate

  • ST-08 Starter Deck – Monkey.D.Luffy
  • ST-09 Starter Deck – Yamato
  • Monkey D.Luffy Playmat and Storage Box Set
  • Yamato Playmat and Storage Box Set

September 22nd – Rough estimate

  • OP-04 Kingdoms of Intrigue main set – Booster boxes, boosters, and sleeved boosters
  • DP-01 – Double Pack Set Volume 1 – Read more
  • Official Sleeves Set 4 – Four different illustrated card sleeve sets
  • Official Card Cases – Monkey D. Luffy or Devil Fruits card cases

October 27th – Rough estimate

  • GB-01 – 2023 Gift Collection Box – Read more
  • Playmat and Storage Box Sets – Kid, Law, Nami, or Ace

November – Rough estimate

  • ST-10 – The Three Captains
  • DF-01 – Devil Fruits Collection Vol.1
  • Premium Card Collection – ONE PIECE FILM RED Edition
  • Special Goods Set – Ace/Sabo/Luffy

December 8th – Rough estimate

  • OP-05 – Awakening of the New Era
  • DP-02 – Double Pack Set Volume 2


March 29th – Rough estimate

  • Official Sleeves Set 5 – Four different illustrated card sleeve sets

Past Releases

July-December 2022

September/October 2022

December 2022

February 2023

March 10th

  • OP-02 Paramount War main set – Booster boxes, boosters, and sleeved boosters
  • ST-06 Starter Deck – Absolute Justice

April 4th

  • Clear Card Cases – Red, Blue, and White clear plastic card cases
  • Official Sleeves Set 2 – Four different illustrated card sleeve sets

When Was The One Piece Card Game Released?

The One Piece Card Game was released on December 2nd, 2022 in the English Global version. Promo packs, demo decks, and a super pre-release happened before then. The Japanese version was released on July 8th, 2022.

Bandai Namco is the company that produces the game under license from Eiichiro Oda (the creator of One Piece, Shueisha (the publishers of One Piece and the Shōnen Jump magazines it was originally published in), and Toei Animation(who made the One Piece animated series).

Cardass is a Bandai Namco company that mainly produces vending card machines in Japan. They handle the printing and distribution as well as some of the inquiries and rules clarifications.

The English version is called Global and is used in most English-speaking countries, as well as Latin America and Europe. The Japanese version is used in Japan, Taiwan, and most of South-East Asia. There is also a Simplified Chinese version available in mainland China.

What Were The First One Piece Cards Available?

The very first cards available for the One Piece Card Game in English were the Demo Deck and the Promotion Pack 2022. The Demo Deck is a small deck of 40 main-deck cards, with Don!! and a leader meant to be for fast games to introduce the rules.

The Promotion Pack 2022 contained the first five numbered “P” labeled promotion cards. The Demo Deck included a promo pack and a rules sheet. These were given away as Early as June 2022. It was also possible to get the Promotion Pack 2022 separately.

These were fairly widely available but are still notable as the very first cards available for release in the One Piece Card Game. New Demo Decks and Promotion packs featuring different cards are confirmed to release in 2023 and beyond.

What Was The Super Pre-Release?

The Super Pre-Release was the first opportunity for players to get the first four Starter Decks in a limited edition. These decks are exactly the same cards as in the normal four starter decks but in a different, smaller packaging.

Every single card – including the Don!! and Leader cards had a gold embossed Super Pre-Release stamp. The Leader card also featured different full art than the regular. These decks are extremely hard to get a hold of.

This event was unique to the Global version and didn’t happen in the Japan or China versions. Only eight people were supposed to be at each event, and each player was meant to be able to purchase just one of each deck.

Because the events had to be registered for well in advance, and because the popularity of the game was widely underestimated, there are relatively few of these decks available. They now command very high prices.

Additionally, each of the eight players were given a Monkey.D.Luffy SPR Participation Card. One winner was given a Monkey.D.Luffy SPR Winner Card. This is one of the rarest and most valuable One Piece Card Game cards because of the combination of having to win, plus the scarcity of events.