One Piece Card Game Event Schedule

Check back on this page regularly for a list of One Piece Card Game events. We’ll cover official competitive events from local store tournaments, to the Treasure Cups, Championships, and more.

For products like set releases, starter decks, and deck boxes/playmats take a look at the release schedule here. You can also check out all cards and sets that have been released.

Upcoming Events 2024

(coming soon)

Past Events


Championship 2023 – March 2023 to March 2024

A series of events starting in 2023 with Online Regionals held via webcam, large Offline Regionals, and Store Championships. These events are being held in waves and will culminate in National Finals, then a World Championship Finals.

The top 16 players in each North American event online and offline (not store) Championships will be given a place at the Nationals, then those Finalists will be invited to the World Championships Finals in March 2024. We believe these will feature participants from around the world – including Japanese and Chinese versions of the game.

  • Online Regionals
    • Three Waves – March, July, and November 2023 – Held around the world. The first wave has nine events. Participants get a lot of different promo packs and products for participating.
  • Offline Regionals
    • Three waves in April/May, August/September, and November/December 2023. The first wave has five events. Read more about the Offline regionals announcement. Very similar promo packs and attendance products to the Online Regionals. Top 16 in the NA events will get invites to Nationals.
  • Store Championships
    • Two waves in July, then October 2023. Held at local stores. Details have yet to be released.
  • National Finals
    • National Finals, details yet to be released. Likely to be National/Regional finals, then only North American finalists sent to Worlds.
  • World Championship Finals
    • World Finals, details yet to be released. Likely to feature competitors from the major regions i.e North America, Canada, Japan, China. Unlikely to feature European, Latin America, or other regions – though we are hopeful this changes.



  • In-Store Tutorial

September – October

  • Super Pre-Release
    • Limited pre-release in a competitive, sealed format at local stores with Super Pre-Release versions of the first four starter decks. Participation cards and one Winner card given per event.

October – November

  • Deck Limited Battles
    • The first large-scale online events. Seven events were held via webcam across the world by region. The first chance to win the Serial Number Luffy. Participants were also given Promotion packs, Don!! Sleeves and a storage box.

December 2022 – February 2023


March – May 2023