OP02-024 Moby Dick + OP02-052 Cabaji Banned For OP-03 Global Release

One Piece OP02-024 Moby Dick OP02-052 Cabaji Banned

A couple of weeks back, two cards were announced as being banned in the Japanese version of the game – which is currently deep into their OP-03 meta. As expected, those bans have now made their way to the Global release – but not quite yet. Update March 2024: Take a look at the latest … Read more

Re-Printed “Revision Pack” Errata Cards Included With OP-02 Paramount War

Re-Printed Errata Cards OP-02 Paramount War

Even before the first starter decks and OP-01 sets were released, Bandai had warned us of text errors on many cards. Now that OP-02 Paramount War booster boxes are leaking a little early and they contain a surprise “Revision Pack” with re-printed versions of these error cards. Early OP-02 Booster Boxes In The Wild OP-02 … Read more

OP-04 Confirmed + Two New Product Types Releasing In 2023

OP-04 Confirmed + Two New Product Types

Today we’ll summarise a bunch of news on releases, new products, and availability. We’ll also discuss what the releases mean for the Global version – especially with the problems we’ve had in just getting the cards! Just as we’ve had the official announcement for OP-03 Pillars of Strength, the next set has been made available … Read more

To Momo Or Not To Momo? The Math Behind Deck Searches

The Math Behind Deck Searches In One Piece Card Game

“To Momo or not to Momo”, that was the question. But as I considered what Momo would do in Red/Green Law decks, I realized my question was broader than just this one card in this one deck. In this guest article from Quinn of the Romance Don Podcast, we’ll take a look at some of … Read more

One Piece OP-02 Paramount War Pre-Release Guide – Rules + Prizing

OP-02 Pre-Release Event - Guide + Rules

The second set of the One Piece Card Game is due to be released on March 10th. With it comes the first wide-scale pre-release for the game, as well as promotional and winner cards. OP-02 Paramount War Cards OP-02 Paramount War features the first set of Black color cards and introduces a range of new … Read more

One Piece Treasure Cup Results + Top Leaders So Far

One Piece Treasure Cup Results

The first four Treasure Cups wrapped up last weekend – giving us the first real glimpse into the competitive meta of the new game. Along with the top leaders we’ve got a few surprises, controversy, and a shock on day one of the Australian leg. The four events took place in California, Canada, the UK, … Read more

Everything You Need To Know Before The One Piece Treasure Cup

What You Need To Know Before The One Piece Card Game Treasure Cup

The first big in-person event of the One Piece card game is nearly upon us! Make sure you’re ready for the day with some top tips and must-knows to give yourself the best chance of taking home some cool promos. While many players of the One Piece card game have come from other Bandai TCG’s … Read more