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One Piece Treasure Cup Results + Top Leaders So Far

One Piece Treasure Cup Results

The first four Treasure Cups wrapped up last weekend – giving us the first real glimpse into the competitive meta of the new game. Along with the top leaders we’ve got a few surprises, controversy, and a shock on day one of the Australian leg.

The four events took place in California, Canada, the UK, and Australia over the weekend of the 4th/5th. Still to come is Florida this weekend of the 11th/12th, then Nevada, Germany, and Chile on the 18th/19th, finishing up with Texas on the 25th.

We’ve just got back from the Birmingham event which was topped by a Spanish player. There were a lot of European players who also planned to go to the German event, so we expect some of the top names to feature again.

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Winning Decks

So far we’ve seen two Laws, one Kid, and one Luffy taking the winner’s spots at the first Treasure Cups. These three Leaders plus Zoro and Kaido – and the occasional Donflamingo – were featured the most heavily.

We’ll update the article as we can find more deck lists and results.

Birmingham, UK – 484 Players

Jose Ignacio Gonzalez went 7-2 on Day 1, then swept the finals to win. The top cut was 16 players.

Leader: OP01-002 Trafalgar Law / Deck List / Video Profile

Birmingham Treasure Cup Winner Deck - Jose Ignacio Gonzalez

Long Beach, California – 492 Players

Bryant Nguyen went 12-1 overall, winning the final against Emmanuel Aguilar’s Law deck. The Egman on YouTube – who also commentated the event – compiled a list of the top 16 decks and stats here.

Leader: ST01-001 Monkey D. Luffy / Deck List / Video Profile

Long Beach Treasure Cup Winner Deck - Bryant Nguyen

Niagara Falls, Canada

Victor Lam took home the top prize with Kid in Canada, beating out the Kid Mirror against Harishanth Jegajothi. There’s also another deck list for the Top 16 from TheEgman.

Leader: ST02-001 Eustass “Captain” Kid / Deck List / Video Profile

Niagara Falls Treasure Cup Winner Deck - Victor Lam

Sydney, Australia – 258 Players

Benjamin Teo won the New South Wales event with another Law deck – this one featuring the 8-cost Kid. He went 7-1 in the main event before winning every round of the top cut. He had to borrow some cards to make up his full deck.

So even winners are finding it hard to get hold of One Piece cards!

Leader: OP01-002 Trafalgar Law / Deck List

Sydney Treasure Cup Winner Deck - Benjamin Teo

Credit for many of the decklists goes to the video profiles linked and OrangeSamuraiD, who as ever, is doing great things for the scene.

Winners’ Prizes Stolen In Australia

Attendees at the Treasure Cup in Sydney arrived to a shock, as it was announced the box containing the winners prizes for the entire event had been stolen.

According to staff, either someone inside or someone who broke in took the box. It contained the eight serial numbered Luffy, plus the eight stamped Zoro, sixteen Usopp, and the 64 Chopper cards.

One Piece Treasure Cup Winner Prizes Stolen
A message posted on the official One Piece Card Game instagram

Bandai and the event organizers have said that they will get everyone who was missing prizing on the day their cards and have apologized. In fact, extra event packs were given out to attendees.

This creates a problem for potential sellers, as the numbered cards will probably be known by Bandai. They do come in sealed packs so it depends on whether the numbers and the event boxes they will be distributed in are kept.

It also means that if you are thinking of buying any of these event cards, you should ask for proof that the person selling won them.

Top Leaders

Working from rough lists of entries, we’ve got an approximation of what the most popular leaders are. Overall, Kid took top spot as the most popular leader for entries in general. However, in top cut, things became a bit different.

Here is a rough breakdown from what we know so far.

Sydney, Australia Top 4

  • 2 x Law
  • 1 x Starter Kaido
  • 1 x Donflamingo

Niagara Falls, Canada Top 16

  • 5 x Kid
  • 4 x Zoro
  • 3 x Starter Kaido
  • 2 x Law
  • 1 x OP01 Blue/Purple Kaido
  • 1 x Starter Luffy

Long Beach, California

Overall entries came in as: –

  • 134 x Kid
  • 92 x Starter Kaido
  • 89 x Zoro
  • 55 x Starter Luffy
  • 49 x Law
  • 40 x Donflamingo
  • 10 x OP01 Croc
  • 8 x OP01 Kaido
  • 6 x OP01 Luffy
  • 5 x Oden
  • 2 x Uta
  • 1 x King
  • 1 x Starter Croc

The top cut 16 were: –

  • 6 x Starter Luffy
  • 3 x Donflamingo
  • 3 x Kid
  • 2 x Law
  • 1 x Kaido
  • 1 x Zoro

Birmingham, UK

Deck Issues

As deck list profiles have come up, one of the top eight in California that featured may have inadvertently had too many cards in their deck. Niko Huynh’s official deck list had just one 7-cost Kid, but in this deck profile he had two. That led to a 51-card main deck.

If it’d been caught with a deck check going into the top cut, it would have led to a game loss. It may also have invalidated some of his previous results. However, it could always have just been an oversight when presenting the deck for the video after winding up a long day.

If you’ve found this article helpful, please let us know with a comment below and let us know how your Treasure Cup went!

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