OP02-024 Moby Dick + OP02-052 Cabaji Banned For OP-03 Global Release

One Piece OP02-024 Moby Dick OP02-052 Cabaji Banned

A couple of weeks back, two cards were announced as being banned in the Japanese version of the game – which is currently deep into their OP-03 meta. As expected, those bans have now made their way to the Global release – but not quite yet. Update March 2024: Take a look at the latest … Read more

Re-Printed “Revision Pack” Errata Cards Included With OP-02 Paramount War

Re-Printed Errata Cards OP-02 Paramount War

Even before the first starter decks and OP-01 sets were released, Bandai had warned us of text errors on many cards. Now that OP-02 Paramount War booster boxes are leaking a little early and they contain a surprise “Revision Pack” with re-printed versions of these error cards. Early OP-02 Booster Boxes In The Wild OP-02 … Read more

OP-04 Confirmed + Two New Product Types Releasing In 2023

OP-04 Confirmed + Two New Product Types

Today we’ll summarise a bunch of news on releases, new products, and availability. We’ll also discuss what the releases mean for the Global version – especially with the problems we’ve had in just getting the cards! Just as we’ve had the official announcement for OP-03 Pillars of Strength, the next set has been made available … Read more

One Piece OP-02 Paramount War Pre-Release Guide – Rules + Prizing

OP-02 Pre-Release Event - Guide + Rules

The second set of the One Piece Card Game is due to be released on March 10th. With it comes the first wide-scale pre-release for the game, as well as promotional and winner cards. OP-02 Paramount War Cards OP-02 Paramount War features the first set of Black color cards and introduces a range of new … Read more

One Piece Treasure Cup Results + Top Leaders So Far

One Piece Treasure Cup Results

The first four Treasure Cups wrapped up last weekend – giving us the first real glimpse into the competitive meta of the new game. Along with the top leaders we’ve got a few surprises, controversy, and a shock on day one of the Australian leg. The four events took place in California, Canada, the UK, … Read more