Re-Printed “Revision Pack” Errata Cards Included With OP-02 Paramount War

Re-Printed Errata Cards OP-02 Paramount War

Even before the first starter decks and OP-01 sets were released, Bandai had warned us of text errors on many cards. Now that OP-02 Paramount War booster boxes are leaking a little early and they contain a surprise “Revision Pack” with re-printed versions of these error cards.

Early OP-02 Booster Boxes In The Wild

OP-02 Paramount War officially releases on the 10th of March worldwide. The Pre-Release events from March 3rd are the first official chance to get packs and buy booster boxes directly from participating stores.

Usually, the point of those pre-releases is that you can get access to cards to playtest and collect a week early. However, it’s fairly common with all card games that some people will get boxes early, and some of those will get opened and/or sold ahead of the official date.

Suppliers ship their products to stores before release, some stores send out the boxes a little early, or local stores are somehow tempted to sell a couple to regulars, etc. It’s a little annoying that some people get their cards early, but it’s not uncommon.

Reprinted Starter Deck Cards – Revision Pack

The big surprise is that the boxes contain an extra Revision Pack, as well as the normal 24 packs plus the “box topper” Promotion Pack. These Revision Packs contain seven cards, which are corrected text cards from the Starter Decks 1 to 4.

Though many of the OP-01 cards also have errata, this pack seems to contain a random selection of thirty-three cards from Starter Decks 1 to 4 only. The main difference in the printing is that the errata text is fixed. There aren’t any set or labeling changes but the Leader, SR, and R cards in the list aren’t holographic like they were in the original sets.

There are actually five different packs that contain a pre-determined list of seven cards from the thirty-three, but all of the errata starter cards are available throughout those packs.

Check the official errata card page for full details on all of the cards that have been corrected, as well as the original text and revisions. The cards from the errata set that we can confirm are in the Revision Packs are: –

  • ST01-001 Monkey.D.Luffy
  • ST01-005 Jinbe – Confirmed
  • ST01-007 Nami – Confirmed
  • ST01-014 Guard Point
  • ST01-015 Gum-Gum Jet Pistol
  • ST01-016 Diable Jambe
  • ST01-017 Thousand Sunny
  • ST02-005 Killer
  • ST02-007 Jewelry Bonney
  • ST02-008 Scratchmen Apoo
  • ST02-009 Trafalgar Law
  • ST02-015 Scalpel
  • ST02-016 Repel
  • ST02-017 Straw Sword
  • ST03-001 Crocodile
  • ST03-003 Crocodile
  • ST03-004 Gecko Moria
  • ST03-007 Sentomaru
  • ST03-009 Donquixote Doflamingo
  • ST03-014 Marshall.D.Teach
  • ST03-015 Sables – Confirmed
  • ST03-016 Thrust Pad Cannon
  • ST03-017 Love-Love Mellow
  • ST04-001 Kaido
  • ST04-002 Ulti
  • ST04-003 Kaido
  • ST04-004 King
  • ST04-008 Jack – Confirmed
  • ST04-010 Who’s.Who
  • ST04-014 Lead Performer “Disaster”
  • ST04-015 Brachio Bomber
  • ST04-016 Blast Breath
  • ST04-017 Onigashima Island

Some of these are real staples that have been hard to get a hold of because of the scarcity of starter decks. This has held back the popularity of the game greatly. When a card game releases, the first few starter decks are basically the building blocks of any deck. Without these, it’s hard for a beginner to build anything.

You can take a look at a variety of YouTube unboxing videos for the cards. This will have some effect on the pricing of the single cards and booster boxes on the market, but likely not too much as there still haven’t been restocks of the starter decks.

Will Other One Piece Errata Cards Be Re-Printed?

It’s worth noting that the official errata page states “Errata will be corrected for products printed from 2023 onward”, which is a recent addition to the page. Bandai are very tight-lipped about re-prints, re-stocks, or any form of release information, hence this pack being released without any warning.

It was speculated that later printings of the original sets (starter decks and OP-01) wouldn’t contain corrected text, but that was based on the Digimon and DBS card games releases. We have already seen that some cards have had corrections in the original waves of OP-01.

However, there are still plenty of errata cards to be corrected, as well as some cards that have two text versions available that actually still need to be errata’d correctly. A further article on all misprints/corrections will be out soon™.

OP-02 Delayed In Some Countries

In other news, some countries in Europe will see the Pre-Release events and possibly the general release of OP-2 Paramount War delayed by at least a week. Shops that are supplied by Asmodee and Blackfire will be receiving their OP-02 cases and Pre-Release kits later than expected due to “unexpected shipping delays”.

Pre-Release events are definitely delayed by a week from the 3rd to the 10th of March. The main release may be pushed back but there aren’t any further updates from Bandai. We will update if anything is announced. This likely affects ST-06 Starter Decks, but there is no information forthcoming.

Stores have been informed and they will be able to update the dates of the events on the TCG+ app at some point. Your local store should have told you if you’ve bought a ticket or reserved a spotahead of time (don’t just rely on the app!).

If not, get in touch with them and ask them what’s happening. At this point, it’s a one-week delay but it may be longer. That’s going to have a big impact on what cards people will have available for the online regionals, which for Europe will be happening on March 18th.

That means if Pre-Release is on the 10th and the general release is pushed back to the 17th, players have one day to get all of the cards they need and prepare, plan, and test a deck for a massive event.

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