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OP-04 Confirmed + Two New Product Types Releasing In 2023

OP-04 Confirmed + Two New Product Types

Today we’ll summarise a bunch of news on releases, new products, and availability. We’ll also discuss what the releases mean for the Global version – especially with the problems we’ve had in just getting the cards!

Just as we’ve had the official announcement for OP-03 Pillars of Strength, the next set has been made available by suppliers. That doesn’t mean you can order it from stores yet, but pre-releases will likely be available soon as stores can make their orders now.

With so much news and product release info out there we’ll try to summarise everything in this article. However, be sure to bookmark this site or follow us on social media – Twitter / Facebook / Insta – to keep up to date,

OP-04 Kingdoms Of Intrigue

Just a few weeks back the OP-04 was announced for release in Japan on May 27th. The Japanese set translates as “Kingdom of Conspiracy” but the English / Global version isn’t called that exactly.

While there has been no official announcement yet, distributors have started putting up listings that give the name “Kingdoms of Intrigue“. This is almost certainly the official name.

The set is due to contain 124 cards, with 6 leaders, 10 super rares, and 2 secret rares – as well as alt arts and some “themed” alt arts. The set also boasts “Enhancement cards for 2 decks releasing in August are also included“.

That likely means that there will be some cards that tie in really well with the ST-08 Luffy and ST-09 Yamato Starter Decks. These are due for an English release in August.

These alts are likely to continue the stylized leader alt arts available in OP-03… which we’ve not even had time to cover. The fourth main set includes characters from the Alabast and Dressrosa arcs.

The tentative release date is 9/22/2023. That’s around three and a half months after the Japanese release, which seems to be the current gap for most product releases (check the new product release schedule). It also shakes out to be around four main sets a year on the current schedule

New Gift Collection Box + Double Pack

According to supplier listings, Bandai will be releasing two new types of One Piece Card Game products later in 2023. They both feature packs from the OP-04 Kingdoms of Intrigue set and either separate Don!! or promo art cards.

2023 Gift Collection Box [GB-01]

The first is the 2023 Gift Collection Box, with the set number GB-01. It is (probably…) due for release on October 27th, 2023 – in time for Christmas. It should cost around $34.99 or €32 depending on your region.

One Piece Card Game 2023 Gift Collection Box GB 01
Not the final design at all – This is a supplier mockup using OP-02 artwork – Expect something very different, probably with a clear window

The set contains four OP-04 booster packs, one card case, and one of four promo cards. The contents seem really similar to the Digimon Gift Box 2022, which had the same amount of packs and promo, but with some game tokens.

The Digimon Gift Box 2022 – likely what the One Piece box will look like

Some of the blurb says that the cards in the promos will be popular characters that are used in tournaments. That’s similar to the Digimon gift boxes where alt art reprints of hard-to-get but commonly used cards from the first set were used.

The cards will probably be English versions of the Japanese reprinted alts that haven’t been made available here yet. Take a look at some of the cards from the store tournaments and promotion packs that are soon to be released for what type of cards to expect.

The card is probably one of the nifty clear card cases with a special design. Those happily fit a full-sleeved deck, leader, and Don!! cards. Of course, there being four promo cards available means you have to buy four of them, right?

Double Pack Set Volume 1 [DP-01]

The second new release is less exciting, but shows Bandai can see this game can be popular with casual players, collectors, or One Piece fans if they get the chance to pick it up.

The double pack is simply two booster packs of OP-04 with one Don!! card. Whether that’s a special color or type, or random, we can’t confirm yet. Some sources actually say two Don!! cards, with randomized, special designs.

It’s likely we’ll see the colored Don!! cards that have been available in Japan for a while. These are the cards we’re talking about, though this is speculation. Those colored Don!! are also available bundled with some of the storage boxes being released in the Global version.

One source says the packaging doubles as a card case – though if they mean a single card case or one for a deck we don’t know. The double pack will cost roughly the price of two booster packs and has a tentative release date of 22nd September 2022. That’s the same date as the full OP-04 release.

What This Means For One Piece Card Game

Releasing gift boxes and double or triple packs is a hallmark of card games that are popular with younger and more casual collectors. These are the type of things you pick up in big box stores as gifts for kids or a weekend treat.

Pokémon do a huge amount of their trade in these types of products, and that game is more popular than it has ever been. If these sets pick up for the OPCG we can definitely expect more, and probably a more varied product range.

The big problem right now is simply getting a hold of cards! Hopefully, by the time we’ve seen the release of set four, it’ll be easier to buy packs in stores without it becoming a mission. If not, these will likely see the same issues with scalping – keeping the game out of reach for casual players or fans.

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